Create More Connections!

  • Hello! I’m Kelsey. In my video series, the projects are all about how we can stay connected with people we care about, even though we’re in a time where we need to keep our distance. In every video, you will make something.

    Get ready to get a little creative, maybe a little messy, and maybe try something new.


  • Here are the supplies you’l need for the full series:

    Stack of plain white paper, graph or lined paper
    olored and recycled papers
    Junk mail, old newspapers and magazines
    Round item you can use as a circle template
    A set of markers (all the same length)
    An empty cereal, pasta or snack box
    Hole punch
    Glue or glue stick

  • For a description of each project we’ll be doing together, click here.

    To start my playlist, click here or on video 1 below.


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