Make a DIY Pop-It

  • Hello friends. I am so excited to create with you today. Before we get started, I just wanna take a moment to share some of the reasons I love this project.

    Besides the fact that I love fidgets, pop-its are fun because they engage multiple senses at once — sound, touch, and sight. The POP! you hear every time you press one of those little bubbles is soooo satisfying.

    But there’s another reason I like them too…

  • Pop-its help me get rid of feelings and thoughts that pop into my head at the worst time.

    Whenever I feel too stressed or worried it’s nice to have something in my hands and something that makes sounds because it’s a double distraction. I get so caught up in popping my pop-it that before I realize it I have forgotten what was bothering me or I am able to redirect the negative energy into something that makes me feel better.

  • Being able to personalize it gives it that extra special touch and makes it unique, and knowing that I’ve made it with my own two hands fills me with pride.

    So whenever the going gets tough, I reach for my pop-it and tap into all those positive memories of making it as well. I hope this makes sense to you, and if not maybe it will after you get to poppin your very own personal pop-it!


  • STEP 1 OF 3


    • Scissors and an X-acto knife if you have one and are allowed to use it
    • Wide clear tape 
    • Something to decorate with: markers, stickers, construction paper, foam paper, etc
    • Glue 
    • 2 circle shapes, 1 bigger and 1 smaller: like a quarter and a nickel
    • Thick paper: card stock, construction paper, manila envelope, thin cardboard
    • Pen or pencil
    • Optional: cookie cutters or different objects to make the shape of your pop-it, you could also make a shape up instead

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  • STEP 3 OF 3

    Hey, now that you’ve finished your pop-it, how about popping it into our gallery? Just click below to upload a photo.