Make an art journal

  • Think of an art journal as your own private paper world where you get to be 100% YOU. However you want to express yourself, whatever you want to say, in whatever colors or words or songs or scribbles come to you, those empty pages are yours to fill.


    [photo #1 from The Back Art Room Blog, photo #2 from]

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    To make an art journal, you will need…

    A stack of paper — regular old white paper, lined paper, colored paper, cut up grocery bags, etc. Some artists like to mix papers together.

    (Optional) Heavier paper or cardboard to use as your cover

    A pair of scissors

    Something to hold the paper together, like string, yarn, fishing line, dental floss, a rubberband, a plastic bag (we’ll explain later)

    (Optional) a paper punch, nail, or other hole-making tool


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    Okay, let’s get your art journal made!

    Here are two videos that will show you how — the first from our artist friend, Jen Stady, and the second from Portland educator, Kelly Merrill.





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    Ready to start filling up your art journal?

    Just head on over to our Keep an Art Journal project, where you’ll find all kinds of ideas.