let’s make
more ok together

Excited to support young people in using creativity to find their OK?

So are we! Leave your mark on our community through this innovative approach to creative wellness.


#1 benefit: More young people creating their own OK

#2: Invitations to special events and workshops 

#3: News & stories of the good your support is making possible—plus inspiration for your own creative wellness practice.

#4: Our limited-edition membership pin!

100% of your tax-deductible support makes more OKness possible for young people and the adults who support them.

more ways to make more OK


Our OK Kit is an incredible creative ritual for these times. Send us a note and let’s talk possibilities

host a party or workshop

Being together brings more OK into the world. Consider how to befriend big emotions through the arts today!


Ready to roll up your sleeves? We need you! Lots of volunteer opportunities available—contact us to learn more!

create a project 

Has creativity played a part in your wellness? Let’s collaborate on a project idea or video to share with our community—project development stipends available.