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About OK You:

Hello! Welcome! We are a nonprofit that supports youth in using creative practices to stay connected to their OK selves.

Our projects are designed by diverse artists who all have one thing in common: using creative practices to understand, express and befriend the challenging moments and emotions of life.

We believe we can have the greatest impact as a program by supporting those who are already in trusted relationships with young people, so are committed to keeping our resources free to all. You can help us by making a gift of any amount today — thank you for your support!

For our artist-facilitated workshops, professional development trainings and special events, see below or reach out to us any time. We’d love to create something special with you.

This program was made for:


Kids and adults of all ages have used our projects to create a new relationship with fear and worry, and some have even shared their own projects with us (we love that). 

If you’re new, the best way to start is to jump right in. You can try our projects on your own or with friends or family. You can also gather a few friends together and start your own OK YOU club! (If you do that, reach out and we might just send you some stickers.)

Artists of all ages

How do you use your creativity to explore, express and navigate emotions? Do you have a project idea that could inspire others to create their own OK? We want to hear from you!

youth leaders

Yes YOU. Do you want to start an OK YOU group for your friends or classmates? You can do it! Start by reading over our workshop guide, or just pick out a few projects to try with your group. If you have any questions, reach out to us at We would be happy to help you get your group started, and we’d love to send you some of our stickers!


Our projects can provide a safe opening for expression, conversation, and understanding. Beginning or ending the day with a worry-release ritual like Give Worry a Time Out or creative wellness practices like Journal Comics or keeping an art journal are also great ways to connect as a family while using creativity to release, share and navigate through difficult moments and emotions.

counselors & teachers

Using our projects in your small groups and classrooms is as easy as opening our projects page! If you’re facilitating a group, consider involving your students in selecting and leading projects. We’ve had students as young as 10 organize their own clubs and lead workshops for younger students.

Visit LEAD A WORKSHOP for our step-by-step workshop guide, tips for a successful workshop, and suggestions from other educators and artists. You can also use our project filtering tool to search for projects by age, art form, length, and SEL goal. All of our projects are designed to support social-emotional learning, and also meet many National Arts and National Learning  Standards. 

Not a lot of room in your lesson plan for a project? A simple worry-release ritual like Give Worry a Time Out can be a powerful way for students to name their feelings, realize they aren’t alone, and exercise their power to decide when and how much time to spend with their fears and worries. 


Would you like a customized professional development training to support your staff in gaining fluency with our resources, while also taking in a wellness experience of their own? Whether in-person or remote, our workshops are lively, hands-on, team-building experiences that provide educators with everything they need to incorporate our projects into their classroom, small-group and one-on-one work with students.

healthcare professionals

Simply sending families to our website can kick-start a creative wellness practice in the home that supports kids in developing skills for navigating difficult moments and emotions. If you’d like us to send you postcards or a flyer for your office, just reach out.

Could your worrying mind use a relaxing getaway? Our Take Your Brain on Vacation project invites you to dream up your own mental vacation spot.

Finding time to connect and create as a family is a great way to open up channels of communiation and understanding… while nurturing your creativity and inspiring lifelong wellness practices in those your love.

Involving students in the planning and leading of workshops sends a strong and true message that they have what it takes to create and guide their own wellness journey.

Our OK Kits include all of the materials needed to turn a tin into a self-care toolkit and creative wellness ritual.

How can we support you?

 We’re always happy to answer questions or help in planning or organizing the perfect experience for you or your group — just send us a note!

If you’d like occasional updates from us, and be the first to know about new projects, consider joining our mailing list.


How can you support us?

Thank you for asking!

Are you already using our resources? Have you adapted our projects in a way that could benefit others? Would you be willing to complete this short survey so we can learn and grow from your experiences? We’d really appreciate it!

Do you believe in this program and want to see it reach more young people? Consider becoming an Anxiety Society member. You’ll receive a cool pin, a great feeling, and invitations to special events — plus our undying gratitude.


  • Create More, Fear Less is an empowering community and practical way for children to overcome their fears through creativity and courage.

    - Kevin Ashworth, Clinical Director, NW Anxiety Institute

  • In a time of social distancing, Create More Google Hangouts has given me and my students the opportunity to connect and share in a way that is meaningful for everyone.

    - Jennifer Gilbert, school counselor

  • I learned that there are many ways to not worry about your worries.

    - Fear Less student

  • My students realized that by putting their fears down on paper via various forms of expression, they can wield more control over their dark thoughts and as a consequence, they become less foreboding.

    - LeAnne Cox, school counselor

  • We support Create More, Fear Less because we believe this program offers a fresh & powerful way for kids to manage their anxiety.

    - Christina Volgyesi, VP of Marketing, Dr. Bronner’s

  • Create More, Fear Less is saving my life right now. It's been a nice surprise resource at a time when I really needed it.

    - Anne Witt, speech pathologist, DaVinci Middle School, Grant High School, & Providence Hospital

hello from our team!

Kathleen Lane, Founder/Program Director
Author & former Co-founder/Director of ART 180

Sara Guest, Development Director
Writer, Facilitator, Fundraising Consultant & former staff of Write Around Portland

Ahmond Jackson
Operations Manager, musician, composer


Marna Stalcup, Chair 
Founder of The Right Brain Initiative and former Director of Arts Education for the Regional Arts & Culture Council

Phoebe Ebright, Vice Chair
Development Consultant

Claudia Valderrama, Treasurer
Global CFO, Wieden + Kennedy

Katy Mayo-Hudson, Secretary
Educational Consultant, Co-founder & former Director of Education & PD for Turnaround Arts 

Bethany Harvey
Middle school counselor, social worker, LCSW candidate and professional dancer

Chris Williams
Student Advocate, Manager,  Storyteller, Improviser, Producer, Active listener

Heather Hadraba
School Counseling Program Director, Lewis & Clark Graduate School

Marisha Childs
LEAP Managing Attorney, Clackamas Women’s Services 

Community advisors:

Amanda Zucker
Art Therapist, Counselor, Artist

Catherine Nyhan
Counselor, Educator, Therapist, Clinical Supervisor

Christina Volgyesi
Director of Marketing, Dr. Bronner’s

Courtenay Hameister
Writer, Editor, Author of anxiety-inspired essay collection Okay Fine Whatever

Cristianne Lane
Professional Development Director, Lee Pesky Learning Center

Gary Hirsch
Founder of On Your Feet and Botjoy

Han Oh
Marketing consultant

Intisar Abioto
Writer, dancer, photographer, multi-disciplinary artist, creator of The Black Portlanders

Jackie Ivy
Senior Director, Global Retail Design, Nike

Jelly Helm
Creative Director, Studio Jelly

Jennifer Gilbert
School Counselor, Fear Less Ambassador

Kelsey Snook
Artist, designer and creator of shared experiences

Liz Neilson
Co-owner/Creative Director, The Beauty Shop brand & interactive design agency

Mia O’Connor-Smith
Artist, Dancer, Founder of Deep Underground, Workshop Facilitator

Robyn Tenenbaum 
Principal of Rhapsody Productions, Co-creator of Live Wire Radio

Rocio Castillo
Social Media Specialist, Ruby

Thom Walters
Organizational Development Strategist