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books & articles

Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life (for Teens): A Guide to Living An Extraordinary Life
“If you could only get past feelings of embarrassment, fear, self-criticism, and self-doubt, how would your life be different? You might take more chances and make more mistakes, but you’d also be able to live more freely and confidently than ever before.” This workbook is a guide to handling tough emotions with grace, strength, and dignity.

Overthinking worriers are probably creative geniuses, research finds
Good news! Researchers at King’s College, London have found a connection between worrying and an incredibly developed and creative mind.

Relieve your anxiety by singing it
Some therapists have found that singing your worries can make them feel less heavy. We tried it in our Fearless workshops using the Smule app and… it worked!

Superpowered — Are you struggling with pressure from school, friends, or the uncertainty of the world in general? Superpowered takes you on a journey where you’ll find secrets, strategies, science, and more than a few mind-blowing facts to help you transform stress into courage, worry into confidence, and anxiety into resilience!

creative inspiration

Worry Lines — daily drawings by anonymous Instagram artist: “My illustrations are very simple line drawings of friendly characters with big feelings. I often draw about mental health stuff and the experience of being a nervous person in an anxiety-inducing world.”

Thin Slices of Anxiety — artist Catherine Lepage uses her wry humor to help us see that “thinly sliced” and illustrated, emotions are much easier to digest.

podcasts & videos

Create More Resilience video workshops — if you haven’t tried them yet, you’re in for a treat! Five artists share art projects from cartooning to painting to storytelling to dance, along with their own tips for taking on fear and worry.

Heartbreak to Art — Dancers, musicians, painters, and poets share how art saw them through life’s most challenging times.

On Our Minds with Noah & Zion—A podcast on mental health made by and for teens. Hosted by high school students Noah Konevitch and Zion Williams, On Our Minds features personal stories from students across the United States, and conversations with experts about mental health issues like anxiety, depression, isolation and more.

“Your mind is your own, and it’s free”—Learn about your inner superpower from Mara Gleason. Hint: It’s a superpower that we all have, and when uncovered, makes us a powerful force for peace in the world.

websites & apps

AnxietyBC —Calming visualizations and AnxietyBC Youth stories, inspiration, encouragement for teens by teens

Headspace —Meditations for hundreds of situations, from stress to sleep

Mindshift —Meditations and other tools for teens & young adults 

SAM: Self-Help for Anxiety Management — an app for understanding and managing anxiety

for parents, teachers & counselors


books & articles

Mindsight—a book by award-winning educator and psychotherapist Dan Siegel on the healing power of “mindsight,” the potent skill that allows you to make positive changes in your brain—and in your life

Playing with Anxiety—a book, narrated by 14-year-old Casey, that teaches kids and teens strategies for handling their worries and recognizing the powerful tricks of anxiety

Influences of Cultural Differences in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Anxiety & Depression from the Anxiety & Depression Association of America

“Sculpting a Less-Anxious Brain” article by Kathleen Smith — with summary of suggestions from Dr. Dan Siegel of the Mindsight Institute

Superpowered — a book by Renee Jain (GoZen) and Shefali Tsabary on transforming anxiety into courage, confidence and resilience

The Power of Different: The Link Between Disorder and Genius —A powerful examination of the connection between the potential for great talent and conditions commonly thought to be “disabilities,” revealing how the source of our struggles can be the origin of our greatest strengths

websites, apps, podcasts & videos

Best Mental Health Apps, according to PSYCOM

Best Mental Health Podcasts, according to Verywell Mind

The Healing Power of Art & Artists — a global community of artists, advocates, and writers dedicated to raising awareness about how art serves as a positive catalyst for enhancing the well-being of individuals, society and the environment 

Calm — mindfulness tools for teachers

Coping Skills For Kids — online resource for calming anxiety in children

DreamyKid — issue-specific meditations

Fighting Fear with Kevin Ashworth — videos hosted by the Clinical Director of the NW Anxiety Institute

GoZen!—free resources for transforming the way kids manage stress & anxiety

Mindsight Institute—”Cutting edge science made accessible for mental health practitioners, parents, educators… and anyone else interested in personal growth” 

Smiling Mind — mindfulness curriculum & app

The Shift—a multi-platform docuseries and social movement to erase the stima around youth mental health

Therapy For Black Girls Podcast–a weekly chat about all things mental health, personal development, and all the small decisions we make to become the best possible versions of ourselves.

WorryWiseKids — online resource for parents of kids experiencing anxiety

Wellness websites & resources

The Healing Power of Art (MoMA) — listen to meditations, reflections and somatic exercises around art and wellbeing

The Mighty — a safe, supportive community for people facing health challenges and the people who care for them

Therapy Den — national directory of therapists and art therapists

Healthline’s list of the 10 best free online therapy sites

Melanin & Mental Health — website, online directory, “Between Sessions” podcast & events serving the mental health needs of Black and Latinx/Hispanic communities

Inclusive Therapists — equal access mental healthcare that “celebrates all identities and abilities in all bodies.”

NW Anxiety Institute — supporting individuals in finding freedom from anxiety and fear

National Queer & Trans Therapists of Color Network — healing justice organization committed to transforming mental health for queer and trans people of color

Sources of Strength—suicide prevention program that uses Peer Leaders to enhance protective factors associated with reducing suicide among youth

Dougy Center — a safe place for grieving youth and families to share experiences and access support, including online resources for all ages

professional development

UCLA Arts & Healing — social- emotional arts resources, programs, and professional development opportunities.

HOPE (Healing Online for People Everywhere) —free social-emotional arts learning series from UCLA Arts & Healing

Lee Pesky Learning Center — strategies, resources, and professional development trainings for inspiring self-regulated, resilient learners.

NAMI — National Alliance on Mental Health — 600+ local affiliates working at the community-level to raise awareness and provide support, education, resources, and crisis invention.