Build your own art studio

All you need is a chair, a pillow & a little imagination!

Make your own art supplies!

Take your brain on vacation

Design your own island and fly your brain there any time

Meet your Worry Beast

Who knows, maybe you'll even become pals.

Tame your Worry Beast

(If you haven't met your worry beast yet, start with Project 10)

Let your inside out

Create a box that expresses all the hidden parts of you

Creando más poder interior!

(8 vídeos cortos) Creando más poder interior con Patricia Vázquez

Creando más poder interior!

(8 short videos) Creando más poder interior con Patricia Vázquez

Sing your worries!

Turns out, it hard to feel blue when you're singing the blues

Award yourself

Create your own certificates of awesomeness!