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Give worry a time out

Need a break from your worries? This project's for you!

Build your own art studio

All you need is a chair, a pillow & a little imagination!

Capture the feeling

Create a personal metaphor and find your wisdom inside it

Make your own art supplies!

Here are some recipes we came across for making your own paint, glue, clay, and even drums!

Perfectionists unite!

It's time to bust out of that perfect box! Are you with us?

Take your brain on vacation

Design your own island and fly your brain there any time

Make your own OK Kit

And fill it with reminders of your calm, strong, creative & courageous OK self!

Make a tiny book (or 12)

Comics, inventions, tiny drawings, big ideas... the possibilities are endless!

Create More Self-Love!

(8 short videos) Celebrate yourself through movement with dancer Bethany Harvey

Meet your Worry Beast

Who knows, maybe you'll even become pals

Tame your Worry Beast

(If you haven't met your worry beast yet, start with Project 10)

Let your inside out

Create a box that expresses all the hidden parts of you

Creando más poder interior!

(8 short videos) Creando más poder interior con Patricia Vázquez

Make an art journal

Create a totally unique journal out of scrap papers!

Keep an art journal

...and fill it up with YOU!

Journal On!

An art journaling project of OK YOU, Portland Public Schools, the Portland Art Museum & YOU!

Create a story doodle!

Doodling + curiosity + storytelling = FUN

Sing your worries!

Turns out, it's hard to feel blue when you're singing the blues

Open your own art museum

The public awaits your mini masterpieces!

Raise your voice

Pick up a few poster-making tips from artist Kelsey Snook

Spread a little Bot love!

Create your own domino robots to deliver love, joy and courage!

Shine your light

A shadow box night light is just the thing to remind you

Create More Confidence!

(8 videos) Let go of being perfect & enjoy the process with cartoonist Jonathan Hill

Award yourself

Create your own certificates of awesomeness!

Create an Inner Self-Portrait

What do you look like on the inside?

Invent a new worry!

Are you good at worrying? Put your skills to the test!

Fill your sketchbook….

...and free your self!

Capture your life in comics

It's like keeping a journal except in comics!

Be your own best friend


Create your own poetry kit

One magazine = endless poetry!

Design a Tattoo!

Then go on an imaginary trip to a magic tattoo shop!

Create More Connections!

Reinvent connection in this time of distance with artist Kelsey Snook

Start a Music Club!

Ian Sterry shares ideas for exploring music with your friend(s)

Throw a pity party

Just follow these steps for a miserably good time!

Try a new attitude: gratitude

Happiness is a tiny gratitude journal :)

Hunt for treasure

Hint: you don't have to look very far to find it :)

Create More Stories!

(8 videos) Own & celebrate your story and voice with storyteller Chris Williams

Print your perfect place!

Artist Jo Brody shares her printmaking magic

Make a Joy Jar

What little things bring you big joy?

Spread the love

Feeling down? Lift someone else up! It works every time

Make your own Merit Badges!

You can even make them out of old T's!

Float your boat

Set sail with a cargo of inspiration!

Make some new friends

...and surprise others with friendly faces in funny places!

Your idea here!

Do you have a project idea? Share it with us and it might just show up here!

Make a peace pet

A furry little friend for when you're feeling blue

Make some Nice Dice!

6 ways to feel nice = every roll is lucky!

Create a “Goodnight Worry” Pillowcase!

Put your worries to bed with your very own custom pillowcase

Create an Obstacle Hallway

Get out of your head and into your body with Mia Bonilla

Make a DIY Pop-It

and pop-pop-pop your way to a better day

Make a scratch-off painting

...and let your true colors shine through

Turn your worries into music

...and everyday objects into instruments!

Create an Affirmation Wheel

And start practicing your positive thinking!

Make some emotion confetti!

...and let your feelings fly!

Make a power bracelet

Let every bead remind you of your strength

Fly A Peaceful UFO

...and send peaceful messages down to Earth, a friend, or to yourself

Spin a thought spiral

Get your spinning thoughts out of your head and onto paper

start your day with check-in cards

Also a fun & creative way to start group sessions!

Make a Dungeons & Dragons Mini You

...and become your own hero

Make your own Mad Libs

Add some fun to your feelings!

Make a worry head

And let it hold your worries for you!

Create your own book of questions

A conversation guide for sharing your identity

Create A Circle Back To You

Use mandala pattern art to create a quiet moment for yourself