Create an Obstacle Hallway

  • Hey! I’m glad you’re here. I love making things with new friends and this Obstacle Hallway is no different.

    I do this project often, especially if I have noticed that I’m starting to sit around and not move my body as much. I realize that sometimes I tend to sit around whenever I’m distracted by my brain or even my heart.

    Everybody has a lot of thoughts and a lot of feelings but sometimes those feelings and thoughts aren’t really helpful and get us trapped in a loop of overthinking.

    Even though it’s always OK to take breaks and rest, there comes a point where not engaging your body is no longer good for you. So to honor my body and give it a chance against my brain and my heart, I try to find ways to come back to myself. 

  • With projects like this, the goal is to ground yourself in your senses by prioritizing your body as your main way of understanding, instead of thinking or feeling your way through it.

    This project is a solution for that. You need very few things to do it, and you can move however you want through it. Don’t be fooled though — sometimes simplicity is the key to uncomplicating things.

    I hope this hallway helps you like it helps me and that it helps you get back to you. Have fun!

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    For this project you will need two things:

    1. Some floor-safe tape
    2. A pair of scissors

    Ready to make an Obstacle Hallway? Let’s do it!

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    How did it go? Do you want to add a picture of your Obstacle Hallway to our gallery? We’d love to see it!