Make your own art supplies!

Make a tiny book (or 12)

Comics, inventions, tiny drawings, big ideas... the possibilities are endless!

Create More Self-Love!

(8 short videos) Celebrate yourself through movement with dancer Bethany Harvey

Creando más poder interior!

(8 short videos) Creando más poder interior con Patricia Vázquez

Make an art journal

Create a totally unique journal out of scrap papers!

Journal On!

An art journaling project of OK YOU, Portland Public Schools, the Portland Art Museum & YOU!

Let your song out with Nastashia Minto

When times get hard, "keep on keepin' on"

Spread a little Bot love!

Create your own domino robots to deliver love, joy and courage!

Create More Confidence!

(8 videos) Let go of being perfect & enjoy the process with cartoonist Jonathan Hill

Fill your sketchbook….

...and free your self!