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Give worry a time out

Need a break from your worries? This project's for you!

Capture the feeling

What does it really feel like to be you?

Perfectionists unite!

It's time to bust out of that perfect box! Are you with us?

Take your brain on vacation

Design your own island and fly your brain there any time

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Creando más poder interior!

(8 short videos) Creando más poder interior con Patricia Vázquez

Keep an art journal

...and fill it up with YOU!

Journal On!

An art journaling project of OK YOU, Portland Public Schools, the Portland Art Museum & YOU!

Open your own art museum

The public awaits your mini masterpieces!

Spread a little Bot love!

Create your own domino robots to deliver love, joy and courage!

Award yourself

Create your own certificates of awesomeness!

“Don't wait for the storm
to pass; play in the rain
before it's gone.”

Jade, age 11

Capture your life in comics

It's like keeping a journal except in comics!

Be your own best friend


Create More Stories!

(8 videos) Own & celebrate your story and voice with storyteller Chris Williams

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