Build your own art studio

All you need is a chair, a pillow & a little imagination!

Captura el sentimiento

¿Que se siente realmente ser tú mismo?

Capture the feeling

Create a personal metaphor and find your wisdom inside it

Crea tu proprio OK Kit

¡Y llénalo con recordatorios de tu yo OK calmado, fuerte, creativo y valiente!

Take your brain on vacation

Design your own island and fly your brain there any time

Make your own OK Kit

And fill it with reminders of your calm, strong, creative & courageous OK self!


Quién sabe, tal vez incluso se conviertan en amigos.

Make a tiny book (or 12)

Comics, inventions, tiny drawings, big ideas... the possibilities are endless!

Meet your Worry Beast

Who knows, maybe you'll even become pals

Tame your Worry Beast

(If you haven't met your worry beast yet, start with Project 10)

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