Tame your Worry Beast

  • Now that you’ve met your worry beast, it’s time for the two of you to work on your relationship.

    (If you haven’t created your worry beast yet, start with our Meet Your Worry Beast project)

  • STEP 1 OF 6

    Gather your supplies:

    Your journal

    A piece of paper

    A pencil for sketching

    Colored pencils and markers

  • STEP 2 OF 6

    Imagine that your worry beast has just interrupted your perfectly good day with a worry. You can use something you’re worrying about right now, or if you don’t have a worry right now, use an old worry or make one up.

    What does your worry beast say to you? Write the words down in your journal.

  • STEP 3 OF 6

    What do you say back? Write those words down too. Here’s an example of how to write your conversation:

    Your beast’s name: Hey, I just came by to tell you that you probably aren’t going to make the team.

    You: Why do you always have to get me all worried?

    Your beast: It’s my job.

    You: Well, you’re not really helping me right now…
    (and so on)

  • STEP 4 OF 6

    Keep writing your conversation until you and your worry beast come to an understanding.

    Maybe you need to let out some frustration at Worry for ruining your day. That’s totally understandable. Worry can definitely be annoying.

    Or maybe you can give Worry a little career advice. After all, Worry is just trying to do its job.

  • STEP 5 OF 6

    When you feel that you and Worry have worked out your troubles, you can add illustrations to your conversation, or turn your conversation into a comic — or, if you like to write stories, turn your conversation into short story starring you and your worry beast.

  • STEP 6 OF 6

    Is your Worry Beast tame enough to add to our gallery? Well then, we’d love to see your conversation, comic, or story!