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Why Worry Stones:

It’s a great warm-up ritual that you can include at the beginning of all future sessions.

Kids love writing on stones : )

They also get to see that others have worries, too.

…and they get practice in naming their feelings and deciding what to do with them: take a break, share with a friend, get help… or hold onto them if they need some processing time.

Why Thought Spirals:

Having a fun spiral to fill encourages kids to spend more time considering their deeper thoughts and feelings.

As a group activity, kids get to see that others have a lot going on inside them, too.

The finished spiral gives kids a way to view their spinning thoughts from a distance…

… and gives you an opening for talking about how thoughts and feelings move and change over time.

Why a Brain Vacation:

All brains deserve some R&R!

Students love designing vacation spots for their brains.

Mind travel is an important skill to learn, especially in times of stress and worry.

There are so many fun extensions to this project, like designing postcards and island wear.

You can also turn a corner of your office or home into a mind vacation spot!

Why Hunt for Treasure:

Because there are treasures all around us all the time…

…which we often miss, especially when our heads are filled with worry.

Encouraging students to notice the interesting and beautiful things around them gives them practice in staying in the present moment….

…and practice creates new habits that can last a lifetime.

Why an Obstacle Hallway:

An obstacle course is a great way to get out of your head and into your body.

Physical exercise is not only good for your body, it’s good for your brain.

Obstacles are great fun for both home and school.

They’re also a great way to build connection and community.

All you need is a little tape and your imagination : )

PROJECT MAP FOR connection

Why Check-In Cards:

They make a great daily/weekly warm-up ritual.

Students get practice in naming their feelings.

Looking back at past cards reminds us that negative emotions come and go.

When done in a group, students get to see that they aren’t alone in their feelings.

Characters created by students make great prompts for more art and story-making.

Why Make New Friends:

We could all use a friendly face, especially on a hard day.

By creating faces around their classroom, school or home, students get to experience the joy of brightening someone else’s day.

Encouraging students to notice classmates who could use a friendly face is a great way to create a culture of kindness in your school.

Why Spread Bot Love:

Spreading love.. and courage and joy and gratitude… is a great way for students to practice empathy.

As Bot creators, they’ll be joining a worldwide movement (

Giving to others, as the Grinch learned, makes the heart grow bigger. It’s also been shown to improve health, wellbeing and feelings of connection.

Why Start a Music Club:

Talking about music can be an easier way to talk about feelings.

Songs can also help students understand what they’re feeling…and realize they aren’t alone in their feelings.

Sharing and talking about music is a great way to create connection among students.

This project has all kinds of prompts and ideas for keeping your club going!

Why Throw a Pity Party:

Because what better way to pass the time when you’re feeling blue than throwing a party!

…plus learning to party with difficult emotions is part of building our resilience.

And while we’re busy connecting and having fun, sadness and worry will often slip out the side door, reminding us that feelings never stick around for long.

PROJECT MAP FOR self-compassion

Why Make an OK Kit:

Students of all ages LOVE them.

The OK Kit is more than just a one-and-done project. It’s a creative wellness ritual that builds in students a habit of self-care.

Every kit is unique, just like its creator. Students gather their own personally meaningful notes, tokens and other reminders of their OK selves.

The OK Kit is also a great family project, creating openings for emotional dialogue.

Many of our projects can be miniaturized to include inside the kit — visit our OK Kit page for ideas!

Why Be Your Own BFF:

Because sometimes we forget to be as kind to ourselves as we are to others.

Through this project students get to practice positive self-talk.

They also get to celebrate all of the many things that make them special.

And the notes of encouragement that they write to themselves make great additions to their OK Kits.

Why An Affirmation Wheel:

Coming up with affirmations connects students with their inner wisdom.

Affirmation Wheels provide students with visible reminders of their strengths.

You can also encourage a practice of spinning the wheel for a daily affirmation.

As a project extension, you can have students pick an affirmation to turn an inspirational poster. They can also create a mini poster for their OK Kits!

Why Make a Peace Pet:

Because who doesn’t love a furry friend?

And furry friends offer the best comfort on hard days.

Much like a worry doll, you can encourage students to whisper their worries to their peace pets so they can magically carry them away during the night.

When students create Peace Pets for others, especially those who are having a hard time, they can also be great teachers of empathy and kindness.

Why Award Yourself:

Because when we’re stressed or worried, it’s easy to focus on the negative and overlook our strengths and accomplishments.

Through this project students also get to practice giving themselves permission to make mistakes, to be imperfect, to accept themselves just as they are.

They get to learn that making mistakes and having a hard time are part of being human…

…and getting through those moments with courage and kindness toward ourselves is when we truly shine.