Create an Affirmation Wheel

  • Hey friends! Suvi here. I’m excited to share my Affirmation Wheel project with you because I think positive thinking is so important. When I change my thinking from negative to positive it really helps me to stay calm when I’m stressed and face challenges with more confidence. 

    Ready to try it for yourself?


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    To make an Affirmation Wheel, you will need:

    1 pizza plate or a paper plate (you can also try cutting a circle out of a cardboard box)  

    1 screw or nail

    1 envelope fastener

    1 mini binder clip

    1 piece of colored paper


    Colored permanent markers like Sharpies

    Scotch Tape

    Affirmations (at least one for every person in your group) written on small strips of paper placed inside a paper bag or container (see next page)

    (optional) Stickers, fabric or ribbon

    This Positive Thoughts & Affirmations Worksheet (download PDF)

    Your imagination and creativity!


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    For our warm-up activity (on the next page) you will need a bag or container of affirmations written on slips of paper. Be sure you have at least one for every person in your group. If you are leading a group, I recommend doing this ahead of time.

    Here are some examples:

    I am grateful for my friendships.
    I stand up for what I believe in.
    I have inner strength.
    I can do tough things.
    I can make my dreams come true.
    I am an original!
    My challenges help me grow.
    I am important.
    I practice to get better.
    I’m thankful for today.
    I have people who love me.


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    Okay, let the fun begin!

    Standing in a circle, pass the bag around for each person to reach in and pull out an affirmation.

    Next, take turns reading your affirmation out loud with a gesture, movement, or silly voice. Try to just go with the first idea that comes to mind.

    As soon as you make your move, the rest of the group gets to copy your words and actions. 


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    How did it feel to say those words out loud? 

    Does the voice in your head tell you positive or negative things about yourself? 

    How do you think positive words can help us when we’re feeling stressed?

    Talk it over as a group. It’s always good to hear other people’s ideas.


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    It’s now time to make your affirmation wheel!

    Using the Positive Thoughts & Affirmations Worksheet (PDF), select 7 positive thoughts that speak to you — or make up your own.

    Different words are going to work better for different people. Find the ones that work best for you!

    If you’re using the worksheet, you can highlight or star your choices, or write them on a separate sheet of paper. 

    If you’re making up your own affirmations, think about advice to give yourself. Or positive things you might say to a friend. Maybe write something you don’t believe right now but want to. 

    Try starting with…

    I can..
    I will…
    I believe…
    I am…


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    Next up: Create your spinner! 

    Start by cutting your colored paper into the shape of an arrow. 

    Next, clip the mini binder clip to the arrow. 



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    Now use a nail or screw to carefully poke a small hole in the center of the plate. 

    Push the fastener thru one opening of the binder clip then thru the plate’s hole. 

    Flip over the plate, open the fastener so it’s flat, and put some tape over it to hold it in place.

    Give it a test spin! Does it need more tape to stay secure? Does the fastener need to be loosened for the binder clip to spin?


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    Time to get creative!

    Use a permanent marker to write your positive thoughts on the wheel. Divide the thoughts evenly around your plate.

    Decorate the background, center, or border. Try writing in a different style or drawing pictures.


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    Ready to share your affirmation wheel with your group?

    You can share as much or as little as you want, and it’s totally okay to pass if you don’t feel like sharing right now.


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    What did you think of this project? 

    What is your favorite part of your wheel?

    Do you think you’ll use your wheel at home?

    Here’s what other students have said: 

    “I can spin it in the morning for my daily affirmation that day.” 

    “I can spin it at night before I go to sleep, so it’s in my dreams.” 

    “You can have a positive life if you surround yourself with positivity.”

    “I can spin my wheel if I’m having a bad day.”

    “I think I could add a dance or hand signal to go with each affirmation so I remember it later.”


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    You can use your wheel to help start your day on a positive note. Spin the wheel when you feel upset, before a stressful situation, or just to improve your mood. 



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    Wahoo, you did it! I hope you enjoyed this activity. Spin on, friends!

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