all you need

to organize your own
OK You workshop,
class or club!

Whether you’re a student, counselor, teacher or parent…. 

We invite you to join us in creating more OK! You can do that in your counseling office, classroom or home just by organizing a group of students, family or friends. Here’s how:

1: recruit your group 

We recommend keeping your group size small (no more than 8) so that everyone feels connected and safe in sharing their feelings and creations. If you’re working in a classroom, consider breaking into smaller groups.

2: decide on a schedule

When and how often do you want to meet? Once a week? Twice a week? It’s best to pick a regular day and time

3: create your project list

You can decide on all of your projects ahead of time, or pick them out as a group during your first session. You can also take turns selecting and leading projects.

Pop over here to find suggestions from other workshop leaders, including their favorite project order.

Try out our new PROJECT FILTER to find just the project you’re looking for!

4: organize your space & supplies

In addition to the basic supply list below, you’ll want to check the projects you selected for any additional materials you may need. With all of our projects, we’ve tried to keep our supply lists minimal and to suggest alternative and found materials. You can also use our project filter to select projects that only require the basics.


* A journal (if you don’t have one, try our Make Your Own Journal project

* Papers, pens and pencils

*Stones If you can, gather one stone for every session you have planned. Be sure it’s a smooth stone that you can write on. If you don’t have stones, you can use small pieces of paper.

*A bag or other container
Large enough to hold all your stones

*Scissors and glue

A few tips before you get started

Consider yourself a member of the group. Participating in the projects along with your group and sharing your own worries can send a powerful message, letting everyone know that worry is normal and something we all must learn to navigate.

Create a safe environment for self-expression and sharing by involving students in creating group agreements: What do you all need in order to feel comfortable and safe sharing your feelings and artwork? Collect ideas on paper, sign your names and post in your meeting space.

Share leadership. Involve all group members in the selection and leading of projects.

Welcome and accommodate different needs and styles of learning and expression, and offer extra processing- before-sharing time to those who need it.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
Changing the stories we carry about ourselves and growing a friendlier relationship with fear and worry takes time and repetition. If possible, consider weekly sessions or incorporating a creative wellness ritual into your day or week.

Encourage creative wellness time at home. Our projects are great for encouraging communication, understanding, and resilience-building at home. Try suggesting a weekly family art project. Or encourage students to pair up with a friend for some shared creative time.

Reach out any time! Feel free to email us if you’d like our help in using or customizing our projects. We’re here for you!

Let’s get this workshop started!

Feeling ready to dive in? Now that you’ve prepared, check out our step-by-step workshop guide. You can also explore tips from other workshop leaders and our Creative Wellness Rituals for the classroom and small groups.