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Turn your worries into music

...and everyday objects into instruments!

Make a scratch-off painting

...and let your true colors shine through

Make a DIY Pop-It

and pop-pop-pop your way to a better day

Create an Obstacle Hallway

Get out of your head and into your body with Mia Bonilla

Make some Nice Dice!

6 ways to feel nice = every roll is lucky!

Create a “Goodnight Worry” Pillowcase!

Put your worries to bed with your very own custom pillowcae

Make some new friends

...and surprise others with friendly faces in funny places!

Start a Music Club!

Ian Sterry shares ideas for exploring music with your friend(s)

Throw a pity party

Just follow these steps for a miserably good time!

Get your neighbors (or classmates) moving

Take hopscotch to a whole new level!

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