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Print your perfect place!

Artist Jo Brody shares her printmaking magic

Create More Connections!

Reinvent connection in this time of distance with artist Kelsey Snook

Spread the love

Feeling down? Lift someone else up! It works every time.

Fill your sketchbook….

...and free your self!

Make some festive decorations!

Turn today into a party with snowflakes and confetti poppers!

Create More Confidence!

(8 videos) Let go of being perfect & enjoy the process with cartoonist Jonathan Hill

Create More Self-Love!

(8 short videos) Celebrate yourself through movement with dancer Bethany Harvey

Shine your light

A shadow box night light is just the thing to remind you

Create More Stories!

(8 videos) Own & celebrate your story and voice with storyteller Chris Williams

Make your own Merit Badges!

You can even make them out of old T's!

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