Make some emotion confetti!

  • Do you ever feel so full of worry or frustration you could explode? That is the perfect time to make emotion confetti.

    You can also make Anger Confetti, Sad Confetti, Happy Confetti, or all of the above!

    In this project you’ll write down everything you’re feeling, cut it up, load it into a confetti popper and let it fly.

    Ahhh, isn’t it a relief when you can let your feelings out?


  • STEP 1 OF 9

    First, let’s gather some supplies. For this project you will need:

    Colored papers cut into strips

    A pen or marker


    A cardboard toilet paper roll

    A balloon

    Strong tape like electrical or masking tape


  • STEP 2 OF 9

    All set? Let’s make some confetti!

    Start by grabbing several strips of paper. For more colorful confetti choose a variety of colors.

    Next, on each of your scraps of paper, write down something you are feeling. Here are some examples:

    I’m angry because…
    I’m worried about….
    I’m frustrated because…
    I’m sad about….
    I’m happy because…

    If you can’t think of a feeling right now, that’s okay. Here are some other ideas…

    1. A feeling you get a lot (like feeling nervous before a game)
    2. Something that’s hard for you that you wish could be easier (like math!)
    3. Something you wish you could change (about school? about the world?)
    4. A wish for yourself, someone you care about, or the world


  • STEP 3 OF 9

    When you are finished writing down your feelings, cut your paper strips into little pieces. This part can feel extra good if you are cutting up anger or frustration!

    If you want more confetti to add to your confetti popper, just cut up more paper to add to your pile.

  • STEP 4 OF 9

    Now for the confetti popper!

    The first step is to very carefully cut just a little bit off the end of the round part of your balloon (see picture).

    Next, tie the other end of your balloon into a knot (see next picture).

    Once your knot is tied, stretch the cut end of your balloon over the end of your toilet paper roll.


  • STEP 5 OF 9

    To make sure your balloon doesn’t slip off the toilet paper roll when you pop your confetti, use some tape to hold the balloon in place.

    All good?

    If you have to start over, that’s okay! You’ll just have one more frustration to add to your confetti : )


  • STEP 6 OF 9

    Okay, let the fun begin!

    It’s time to load up the confetti popper with your bits of paper. Just drop them into your toilet paper roll.

    If you are feeling like you don’t have enough confetti, take a minute to cut up more paper. If you are in a group and someone needs more confetti, this is a nice chance to be a friend and help them out with the cutting.





  • STEP 7 OF 9

    Now for the big moment we’ve all been waiting for.

    First, decide if you want to do a confetti popper countdown (10, 9, 8, 7….. ) and if there’s something you want to shout when it’s time for the big blast off. It could be a word, or maybe it’s just a sound, like a big emotion-releasing yell or growl.

    If you are in a group, give everyone a chance to share their idea. Remember that it takes a lot courage to share an idea so be sure to give everyone the respect and appreciation they deserve even if their idea isn’t your favorite.

    Once everyone has shared, decide if you are all going to shout the same thing, or if each of you is going to shout your own idea. Either way is A-OK.

    Before you start your countdown, have everyone hold their poppers upright and pull down on the tied end of the balloon. Hold it stretched like this until it’s time for blast off.

    10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and….


  • STEP 8 OF 9

    How did that go?

    If you were feeling angry, worried or sad when you started this project, do you feel any different now?

    For some people it can be really helpful to name what you are feeling and to do something creative with your feelings like make art… or confetti poppers… out of them!

    But if you are still feeling the same, that’s totally normal, too. It’s okay to not feel okay sometimes. Just remember, all feelings are temporary.



  • STEP 9 OF 9

    Do you want to share your confetti popper (or floor covered in confetti!) in our gallery? We’d love to see it!