calling all portland area high school students interested in creating more OKness in the world!

The Inner Peace Corps is looking for new members! No art experience needed, just an openness to learning and sharing ideas.

As part of the Inner Peace Corps, you’ll be part of a fun and supportive group that meets every couple of weeks to…


LEARN from artists and community leaders

DREAM up creative projects that support inner wellness

EARN STIPENDS for developing and sharing your ideas with others


Fill out our Inner Peace Corps interest form and we’ll send you more information.

The OK Challenge is a project design competition hosted by OK You, the Portland Art Museum and Wieden+Kennedy.

Stay tuned for information about our 2024 OK Challenge, coming soon!

announcing our 2023 OK Challenge winners

1st place: Alyssia Menezes + Maddox Alto
2nd place: Luke histand
3rd place: Anya Li

The following finalists are listed in alphabetical order and do not represent their ranking.

Angie diaz gonzalez
Affirmation Mason Jar
Francesca moongordon
Felicidad sommer
Breath Painting
Hannah Chhar & Sarah Trastanetz
Junk Journal
Lana Borrillo, Maya Kekona & Max Wallen
The Joy Bucket
Nguyen Hoang & Alaska Macaweera
Future You Mailbox
Nguyen Pham, Isobel Espinor & Zitong Wang
Paint Scraping
Vivien Guglielmo
Paint Pouring

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