The OK Challenge is a project design competition hosted by OK You, the Portland Art Museum and Wieden+Kennedy.

Stay tuned for information about our 2024 OK Challenge, coming soon!

announcing our 2023 OK Challenge winners

1st place: Alyssia Menezes + Maddox Alto
2nd place: Luke histand
3rd place: Anya Li

The following finalists are listed in alphabetical order and do not represent their ranking.

Angie diaz gonzalez
Affirmation Mason Jar
Francesca moongordon
Felicidad sommer
Breath Painting
Hannah Chhar & Sarah Trastanetz
Junk Journal
Lana Borrillo, Maya Kekona & Max Wallen
The Joy Bucket
Nguyen Hoang & Alaska Macaweera
Future You Mailbox
Nguyen Pham, Isobel Espinor & Zitong Wang
Paint Scraping
Vivien Guglielmo
Paint Pouring