Give worry a time out

Need a break from your worries? This project's for you!

Make a tiny book (or 12)

Comics, inventions, tiny drawings, big ideas... the possibilities are endless!

Let your inside out

Create a box that expresses all the hidden parts of you

Open your own art museum

The public awaits your mini masterpieces!

Spread a little Bot love!

Create your own domino robots to deliver love, joy and courage!

Create More Connections!

Reinvent connection in this time of distance with artist Kelsey Snook

Spread the love

Feeling down? Lift someone else up! It works every time.

Make some new friends

...and surprise others with friendly faces in funny places!

Your idea here!

Do you have a project idea? Share it with us and it might just show up here!

Make some Nice Dice!

6 ways to feel nice = every roll is lucky!