Sing your worries!

  • Did you know that singing your worries, sadness or frustrations can make them feel less heavy? It’s true. Some therapists are even using singing apps like Songify and Smule with their clients.

    Here’s an easy way to give it a try.

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    For this project you will need:

    Your journal, a pen, and a singing app like Smule.

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    In your journal, make a list of things that are worrying you or making you feel angry, sad, or frustrated. If you only have one thing on your list, try writing a few sentences about it. Here are some questions to think about as you write:

    What are you feeling?
    Why are you feeling that way? What happened?
    Where in your body do you feel it the most? In your head? In your body?
    What would you compare the feeling to? Here are a couple of examples:
    “My head feels like it’s full of angry bees.”
    “It feels like a tornado inside my body.”

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    When you have finished writing out your feelings, it’s time for your recording session.

    Open whichever singing app you’d like to use (in our workshops we use Smule).

    You will be given a choice of songs. Select the one you like best.

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    Be sure to have your writing in front of you, and maybe practice reading the words a few times. If you want to add a little personality to your reading, that will just make your song all the better!

    It’s also fun to create a group song with your friends. To create a group song, just pass the phone around your circle.

    When you are ready, press record. It’s okay if you need to try it a few times, and it’s also okay if your song doesn’t come out perfectly. Imperfections just make things more interesting and unique!

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    Now for the fun part…

    Press play!

    Did it work? Do your feelings seem not quite so big and bad?

    Try it again next time you’re feeling stressed, sad, frustrated, worried or just a big ol’ swirl of feels.

    And what about making up a dance to go with your song? Could be kind of fun, right?

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    Here’s something else you can try…

    You know how happy music can make you feel happy and sad music makes you feel sad? The same is true for energetic music, angry music, sleepy music, peaceful music, and so on.

    So, when you’re feeling worried, sad or stressed,  try listening to some happy or peaceful music. To try it now, just pick a song that gives you a happy or peaceful feeling. An app like Spotify or Soundcloud is useful because you can search songs by mood.

    Next, get into a comfortable position, either sitting or lying down, close your eyes, and as you listen to the music, take some slow deep breaths.

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    How did that feel?

    Some people like to listen to sad music when they’re sad, which you might prefer too. The important thing is to do what feels nice to you, which might take some experimenting.

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    Want to add your “feeling song” lyrics to our gallery? We can’t wait to sing along!