Create a story doodle!

  • Hi, I’m Gary and this is one of my favorite creative activities. It combines doodling, curiosity and storytelling.

    Here is my buddy Hugo and I demonstrating this for your (and our) joy and entertainment!…

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    Here’s how you can try it yourself.

    First, you will need:

    A partner

    Some paper and whatever you want to draw with, like pencils or markers

    A timer or a clock to keep track of your time

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    Next, decide who will doodle first and who will be the person who makes up a story.

    Storyteller: When the Doodler is ready to draw, set the timer for 3 minutes or just keep track of time on a clock.

    Doodler: You have 3 minutes to draw a picture that has a character or creature in it. It doesn’t matter what you draw or how “good” it is. Just be sure your partner can’t see your paper.

    Oh and Storyteller: No peeking : )


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    Dooler: After 3 minutes, show your drawing to your partner.

    Storyteller: Now it’s your turn to have some fun! You get to make up a story about what you see.

    Doodler: You can help by asking your partner some questions like…

    • Who is this? What is their name?
    • What is going on here?
    • What are they feeling?
    • What happened right before or after this moment?
    • What is their favorite music, food, fun thing to do, etc. and why?

    You can ask random questions, too, like:

    • What’s in their pocket?
    • What does their living room look like?
    • What does their grandmother say about them?

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    Storyteller: You can stop there or, if you want, you can make up a story about the character. Here are some ideas:

    Tell a story about a time when this character…

    • Lost something
    • Was incredibly happy
    • Discovered something
    • Moved homes
    • Learned something amazing
    • Went on a huge trip

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    When you’re ready, trade places and start again!

    After you both have had a chance to create a character and story, here’s something else you can try:

    See if you can work together to come up with a story or play that involves both of your characters.

    You can also try this project with drawings, paintings or photos you find online, in magazines, in galleries or other places. Maybe you can even take a field trip to a mural for some street art storytelling.



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    How did it go? We’d love to see what you came up with! You can add your drawings and stories to our gallery by clicking below, or send a video to