Create More Confidence!

  • Hi everyone! I’m Jonathan and I wanted to thank you for joining us in doing some of these projects. My video series is all about letting go of being perfect and learning that making things is a process that we should enjoy as much, if not more, than the final result.

    These are all things it has taken me years and years to realize and I wish I would have learned them sooner, and I hope sharing them with you will help you along your creative journey!

  • Before we get started, you’ll want to gather a few supplies:

    Light drawing tools (pencils, highlighters, light markers, light colored pencils, etc.—you could also use watercolors or even tea or coffee)
    Dark drawing tools (pens, dark markers, etc.)

  • For a description of what we’ll be doing in each video, click here.

    To get started, just press play below or find my complete playlist here.