Make your own OK Kit

  • Here’s a question for you:

    Who in your life knows you best?

  • You, right?

    So part of managing your worry is paying attention to what your mind and body need in order to feel okay.

    An OK Kit can help you remember all the good things in your life — and in you — so you can face each day with calm and courage. That way, when worries or challenging moments come your way, you’ll be better able to get through them.

  • What do you keep inside your kit? Anything that reminds you of your calm, strong, creative and courageous self! Here’s a little inspiration for you from Helen and Sunday…

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    For this project, you will need:

    A small container like an old candy tin or box.

    Materials for decorating your container, such as:
    Papers and magazines for collaging
    Decorating tapes
    Fabrics (old socks are great for adding a little cozy carpeting inside your box)

    Glue or Mod Podge (this is a kind of glue that you can also brush on top of your paper and pictures to create a smooth, protective finish)

    A journal or piece of paper

    A pen

    A long strip of paper


    (optional) Paint

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    Ready to get started? Great! First, let’s make your container as unique as you are. Depending on what materials you have, you can:

    1. Make a collage on your container using photos, or pictures and words cut from a magazine.

    2. Cover your container in decorating tapes, stickers, colorful papers, or even fabric.

    3. Paint your container.

    4. Come up with your own idea!

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    Next, on a piece of paper or in your journal, make a list of the things in your life that bring you strength, calm, or joy. Here are some ideas…






    Sounds (in addition to music, think about sounds of nature, like ocean waves, chirping birds, humming):

    Scents (Do you like the smell of oranges? Baking cookies? The ocean? Fresh cut grass? Puppy breath?):

    Favorite memories:

    Anything else you want to add to your list!

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    Now that you have some notes written down, it’s time to create a “Remember” poem using the ideas from your list. For this, you will need a strip of paper that can be folded or rolled to fit inside your tin.

    To write a “Remember” poem, just add the word “remember” to the beginning of each item from your list. Like this:

    Remember birds
    Remember racing my sisters down the sand dunes and leaping into the water
    Remember the smell of oranges
    Remember summer camp
    Remember rainbow snowcones
    Remember biking to the pet store with Jaylah and holding the baby guinea pigs and Jaylah squealing and almost dropping one!
    Remember grandma’s house

    Or if you’d rather, you can write your own kind of poem… or song… or even a story inspired by something on your list.

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    When you are finished, fold or roll up your piece of paper, tie it with a string, and tuck it inside your OK Kit.

    If you think of more ideas later, you can add little notes to your tin or make another list!

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    What are some other things you can you keep inside your tin? Spend a little time coming up with ideas.

    If you get stuck, here some ideas our Youth Council came up with….


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    Keep adding to your OK Kit as you think of new ideas, and every morning, take a minute to look inside and remember: This is your day. You are strong, you are loved, and you have the power to take on whatever comes your way!

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    Hey, want to try a short breathing exercise that can be helpful when you’re feeling worried or stressed?

    If you don’t have time today, that’s okay — you can skip to step 12.

    Okay, here’s that breathing exercise…

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    First, pick two lines from your “remember” list. Practice saying them to yourself.

    Now get into a comfortable position and begin taking slow, deep breaths in through your nose and out your mouth. Each time you breathe in, you are going to think of your first “remember” line, and each time you breathe out, you are going to think of your second line. For example…

    Slowly breathing in through your nose: Remember the smell of the ocean.
    Slowly breathing out through your mouth: Remember I am bigger than my worries.

    Keep repeating your lines to yourself as you take slow breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

    If you want, you can set a timer for a minute or two, or you can just keep breathing until you feel good and relaxed.

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    How did that feel?

    If it felt nice, try it again tomorrow… and the next day…

    Many people find that doing some kind of relaxation exercise every day helps them to feel more peaceful and better able to handle worry.

    If you want to try other relaxation exercises like this one, we’ve listed a few on our Resources page. You’ll find them under TO TRY.

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    Want to add your OK Kit to our gallery? Was that a yes? Oh good, we’d love to see it!