Make a tiny book (or 12)

  • To create your own tiny book, all you need is a single sheet of paper, a pair of scissors, some markers or colored pencils, and your amazing brain!

    A tiny book can be filled with anything — drawings, stories, comics, daily gratitude, made-up inventions, or just random thoughts — the possibilities are endless. Which is why tiny books can sometimes turn into tiny libraries.

    Thank you to artist and filmmaker, Andrea Dorfman, for sharing this project with us.

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    First, let’s get inspired! In this video, Andrea shares a few of her own tiny books and offers some ideas for making our own.

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    Ready to make your own? Okay, here’s Andrea sharing how to magically transform an ordinary piece of paper into a tiny book. (For a slower tutorial, try this video by Red Tent Art.)


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    Now that you have a tiny book or two…. or three…or eight…here are some things you can do with them:

    Make a list of everything you are grateful for—add one new idea every day.

    Write a story or comic book.

    Walk around your house or neighborhood and look for interesting things to draw.

    Create a tiny book of things you love — for example, a book of dog drawings or cake drawings.

    What about a book of gadget inventions? Or fashion designs? Or drawings of your friends?

    Or…try them all! The good thing about tiny books is that you can always make more.

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    Want to add your tiny books to our gallery? We can’t wait to see them!