Journal On!

  • What’s it like being you right now? We want to hear from you! Grab a journal, or make one here, then respond to the prompts on the following pages. First we’ll share 12 prompts created in 2020, then 12 prompts created in 2021, but you can jump around all you want.

  • Teachers, here are some suggestions for integrating Journal On! into your curriculum.

    Parents, journaling together as a family is a great way to connect and share feelings —especially during difficult times like these.

  • STEP 1 OF 26

    For this project you will need:

    A journal or paper (fold and staple or rubberband some paper together for an instant journal!)

    Whatever supplies you want to work with. Here are some ideas: colored pencils, pens, paints, collaging materials (old magazines, scissors and glue)


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    Ready to get started? Great!

    There are two sets of 12 prompts in this project. Here is your first prompt from set 1. Be sure to click on the video to see how Binta Loos-Diallo responded in her art journal.

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    Click on the video for artist Cailin W. Carlile’s response to the prompt.

  • STEP 4 OF 26

    Click below for artist Kanani Miyamoto’s response.

  • STEP 5 OF 26

    Click below for artist William Hernandez’s response.

  • STEP 6 OF 26

    Click below for artist Hector Hernandez’s reponse.

  • STEP 7 OF 26

    Click below for artist Beth Haidle’s response.

  • STEP 8 OF 26

    Click below for cartoonist Jonathan Hill’s response.

  • STEP 9 OF 26

    Click below for artist Roshani Thakore’s response.

  • STEP 10 OF 26

    Click below for writer Jenny Chu’s response.

  • STEP 11 OF 26

    Click below for designer Precious Bugarin’s response.

  • STEP 12 OF 26

    Click below for artist Marie Watt’s response.

  • STEP 13 OF 26

    Click below for artist Intisar Abioto’s response.

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    Hurray, you’ve completed your first set of prompts! Are you ready for more? Let’s get started!

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    Though we’ve come to the end of our prompts, we hope this is only the beginning of your art journaling journey.

    You can find many more prompts and ideas online, or make up your own.

    As always, we’d love to see your journal pages in our gallery — just click below — and also in our gallery at

    Journal On, everyone!