Give worry a time out

Need a break from your worries? This project's for you!

Capture the feeling

What does it really feel like to be you?

Perfectionists unite!

It's time to bust out of that perfect box! Are you with us?

Meet your Worry Beast

Who knows, maybe you'll even become pals.

Tame your Worry Beast

(If you haven't met your worry beast yet, start with Project 10)

Creando más poder interior!

(8 short videos) Creando más poder interior con Patricia Vázquez

Raise your voice

Pick up a few poster-making tips from artist Kelsey Snook

Spread a little Bot love!

Create your own domino robots to deliver love, joy and courage!

Shine your light

A shadow box night light is just the thing to remind you

Create an Inner Self-Portrait

What do you look like on the inside?