Build your own art studio

  • Do you have a chair in your house? What about a bucket or stack of books? A few pillows? Jar or glass? Well then, you have everything you need to create your own art studio!

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    First, gather up your building materials:

    A chair

    A stool, bucket, box, or stack of about ten books

    A medium to large basket, plastic bin, box, or other container for holding your art materials

    A jar, glass, or empty can for your pens, pencils, scissors and other tools

    Favorite objects, photos, and other items for decorating your art studio

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    Job number one:

    Find a place to set up your studio. We recommend your bedroom, but you can also set it up in another room of your house.

    Position your chair so that the seat is facing you. This will be your desktop.

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    In front of this chair, place however many pillows you need to sit in whatever position feels good to you — cross-legged or kneeling can be nice.

    Couch pillows or floor pillows will work best because they are sturdier than bed pillows, but a bed pillow can work if you fold it in half.

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    Next you will need a table for your supplies. A bucket or box will work great. You can also try stacking up some books.

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    When creating, it’s nice to have the tools you use most — like pencils, pens, and a pair of scissors — within reach. A jar or drinking glass works great. If you use an empty can, you’ll want to (very carefully) put some tape around the edge of the can so you don’t cut yourself.

    Look around your room or outside for a few decorations to add to your table.

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    For your larger supplies — like paper, magazines for collaging, and glue — a basket, bin, or box will be handy.

    We’ll be sticking to very basic supplies for the projects on this page, but if you have other craft materials around, go ahead and gather them up.

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    For the finishing touch, what about adding a little inspiration to your bulletin board (also known as the back of your chair)?

    To create your own chair poetry kit, try out project 2.

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    Want to share a picture of your art studio in our gallery? We would love that!