workshop guide

Leaders of all ages: Let’s get this workshop started!

If this is your first session:

1. Begin with a simple get-to-know-you exercise.

Here’s one idea: Have everyone write in their journal or on a piece of paper:

1. Something you love
2. Something you’re good at
3. Something most people don’t know about you (that you’re okay with sharing)
4. Something you used to be afraid of

When ready, take turns sharing your answers, one question at a time. If you don’t feel like sharing, that’s okay! Sharing is always optional.

2. Create your group agreements

What do you all need in order to feel comfortable and safe sharing your feelings and artwork? Collect your ideas on a piece of paper then sign your names and post somewhere in your meeting space.

for all other sessions:

3. Starting with session 2, begin every meeting with worry stones

You can find our “Give Worry a Time Out” instructions here, and scroll down this page for a video that models the exercise.

4. Move on to your project of the day

Just go to our projects page and follow the step-by-step instructions, or select one of our short videos to watch.

Looking for suggestions? We asked other workshop leaders to share their best advice and favorite project order. Find their tips here.

5. Take time to share and reflect

… but let everyone know that sharing is optional and they can share as much or as little as they want. Afterwards, take time to reflect on the experience: What did they enjoy? What was challenging? What did the project make you think about?…

6. Consider sharing your creations in our gallery!

Your voice and ideas matter, and your creations can be an inspiration to others!

7. Close with a fun or relaxing exercise

A few ideas:

* A couple of minutes of deep breathing.
*Stretching exercises—it can be fun to have everyone take turns choosing a stretch
*Laying down and listening to a song
*A cheer or chant created by the group

You can find more ideas at the end of each project and on our Resources page. And here’s an even better idea: Ask your group for ideas! 

9. Celebrate!

Yes, all good things much come to an end…but they don’t have to come to an end without a party! After all of your weeks together and all that you’ve learned and created, it’s important to celebrate.

Kick off your party by pouring out your worry bags and sorting through your stones to see which worries are still present and which have gone away. Decide what you want to do with your old worries — draw over them? Toss them outside? Bury them? 

Take turns sharing your favorite creations. Or many you want to display them and invite friends or family!

8. … and be sure to keep in touch!

How can you stay connected now that your workshop is over? Here are some ideas: 

*Plan a regular check-in time, even if it’s just for 15 minutes.

*Create a shared folder or blog where you can post new work, ideas, and encouragement.

*Start another workshop! We are adding new projects all the time so you should have plenty to do.

*If you’re in a workshop led by someone else, consider leading your own group!

Looking for suggestions?
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