Make your own art supplies!

  • Sometimes life’s challenges (like a pandemic) bring new discoveries, and one of those discoveries for us was learning that many art supplies can be made from simple ingredients at home.

    Here are some recipes we came across for making your own paint, glue, clay, and even drums!

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    For DIY glue you will need:
    Flour, water, salt, sugar, measuring spoons, and a mixing bowl & spoon

    For DIY paint you will need:
    5 to 6 small bowls, water, flour, salt, food coloring, and spoons

    For DIY air-dry clay you will need:
    Lotion or hair conditioner, and cornstarch

    For DIY fabric paint you will need:
    Shaving cream, white glue, acrylic paint (not homemade paint), a container & a stick or spoon for mixing

    For DIY hand drum:
    A plastic milk or juice bottle

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    And if you happen to have acrylic paint (not DIY paint) and Elmer’s or other white craft glue in the house, here’s how to make your own fabric paint…


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    What did you make? How did it go? We’d love to see photos of your DIY supplies!